A packing, shipping, crating or exporting job or project
may vary, but one thing remains constant.  Allport is
prepared to do what it takes to satisfy the customer. 
You can be confident that your material or project is being handled by a company with experience and expertise.

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Sea Level to 13,777 Feet

      Allport provided the California Institute of        Technology with a turnkey logistics package from Pasadena to the top of the Mauna Kea Volcano on the Island of Hawaii.

      The project involved export packing
services to move a large "Spectrograph" from its fabrication facility at Cal Tech to the Kech Telescope under construction at 13,777 feet.

      Due to the extreme value and long lead time to repair or replace the spectrograph,
Allport proposed a full-service package including door-to-door video tape documentation.  Allport handled the engineering, packing, Pasadena to Los Angeles International Airport
delivery, arranged for freight forwarding, airline transport, inner island ocean barge service and specialized ground transport to the top of Mauna Kea.

Designed to Handle Big Loads

      In a rare departure from the standard aerospace paradigm, McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing Aircraft) approached Allport with an urgent request to build four (4) large (22,000 lb. tare wt.) reusable steel reinforced wooden shipping containers.

      Due to the time critical nature of the project, Allport was asked to simultaneously
design and build the first container in tandem with Douglas' engineers.  Working around the clock, Allport completed the initial container, allowing Douglas' new Utah satellite fabrication facility to ship their first MD11 center fuselage section to Long Beach, CA on  schedule. The finished container was then successfully test-fitted and Douglas reverse engineered the specifications and blueprints to Allport's product.

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